Lucky You  (Available in Gold and Silver)
Lucky You  (Available in Gold and Silver)
Lucky You  (Available in Gold and Silver)
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Lucky You (Available in Gold and Silver)

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This "Lucky You" bracelet is thought to protect the wearer from the "evil eye".  It is believed that the bead reflects the evil back to the onlooker ... but here at TFC we think that the combination of these blue agates and the Swarovski are just beautiful with this magical centerstone!  It is available in both gold and silver. 

Want the look shown in the alternate picture?  Hugging our "Lucky You" Fairytale Bracelet in the center is our Charmed Bracelet in the "Sky Bronze Prism" color and then on both edges is our "Aztec Blue" Fairytale Bracelet with gold.  


Small: Fits a 6 inch wrist (For those with a small to average wrist.)

Medium: Fits a 6.5 inch wrist  (Will fit most women.  A safe choice for gifting)  

Large: Fits a 7 inch wrist (For larger wrists.)

X-Large:  Fits a 7.5 inch wrist 

Custom sizes available

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