Debbie B. - Fabulous artistry in every design carefully crafted by Lori. My jewelry wardrobe is stocked with Tooth Fairy Creations and I love complementing my daily wear with her Fairytale baubles. LOVE!     
 Maggie K. - Tooth Fairy Creations was created by Lori Brenneman, a former real life "Tooth Fairy," aka everyone's favorite dental hygienist. Lori has brought her talent for paying attention to detail to the world of jewelry. The result is stunning jewelry creations that can be customized for her customers. Not only is the jewelry gorgeous, but the customer service that Lori provides is an integral part of her product. Everything that Lori makes is high quality, packaged beautifully, and shipped timely. When you're looking for a unique gift and great customer service, Tooth Fairy Creations should be your go-to jewelry supplier. An added bonus is that Lori is the happiest, funniest person you will ever meet. Thank you Lori for all the gifts you give those who cross your path. You are a winner!!!! 
 Kylie G. - I absolutely love my Fairytale bracelet!! It is made of quality beads, and I love the way it sparkles on my wrist. It is the perfect accessory to dress up any outfit, and matches just about everything. With no clasps, it is easy to slide on and off when rushing out the door (which is often the case). I wear it all the time and my friends and coworkers are always complimenting my bracelet!



 Pam M. - I recently discovered Tooth Fairy Creations' bracelets and am so thrilled that I did!  I love how the designer uses one special bead as the centerpiece and then works out from there.  Best of all, these bracelets look even better when you wear a few of them together.  Thanks TFC for making me one happy customer!                                   
 Pam H. -Tooth Fairy Creations bracelets are the perfect travel accessory when you need to get through TSA or arena security screening in style. The elasticized bracelets are super easy to quickly take off or put on and look good doing it!!!!!


Carol H. -  I LOVE my fresh water pearl earrings from Tooth Fairy Creations! Lori sent them to me about a month ago and I've gotten SO many compliments every time I've worn them. They look great with dressy outfits, but are versatile enough to lend style to my jeans and other casual clothes. Lori's love of jewelry is evident in her beautiful handiwork. She's careful to use only the best materials and to make every detail perfect. Thank you, Lori, for making me feel pretty every time I wear one of your creations!                                                                                                                                      


Brenda S. - I LOVE my Fairytale Bracelets!  I've given three as gifts!  The new charmed bracelets are so cute!