Bling of Fire
Bling of Fire
Bling of Fire
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Bling of Fire

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Excited about the Olympics this year?  So are we at TFC!  Say hello to our design, Bling of Fire!    We wanted to design a bracelet that could be worn by both women and men and also wanted the gemstones to have meaning so we knew that a lot of thought and planning had to go into the design.  We are excited to share with you a little about the details of this piece.  The Gray gemstones are Yooperlite.  Yooperlite is an instant energy boost.  Its vibrations provide you with the ability to be confident.  When you need to focus on the task at hand, Yooperlite works to rid you of any distractions.  This amazing stone provides you with the confidence to be yourself. With this stone, you are able to express who you are to the world!  The red gemstones are beads made from shells. These have an amazing shine that might not be visible at first glance but are very noticeable if you just take a minute to to look.  The last component of the bracelets are Hematitie...this gemstone is believed to help with calming the mind and reducing stress and anxiety and even helps alleviate cramps and aches.  These gemstones are all meaningful for our athletes and also for all of us cheering them on! We have two versions available ~ one that is "sparkly" with Swarovski crystal accents and one that is "organic" with more muted white accents.  



Small: Fits a 6 inch wrist (For those with a small to average wrist.)

Medium: Fits a 6.5 inch wrist  (Will fit most women.  A safe choice for gifting)  

Large: Fits a 7 inch wrist (For larger wrists.)

X-Large:  Fits a 7.5 inch wrist 

Custom sizes available


Feel free to contact us for special requests! (At the checkout screen, you will see a box that says "Add special instructions for your order".)