Java and Jewelry on the Road ~ at the Allenberry Resort in PA!

Allenberry Resort and Playhouse Breeches Cafe Java and Jewelry TFC Family

This past weekend, we came up to PA to celebrate my Dad's 85th Birthday, Matt's family reunion, and my great nephew's Baptism.  So, while we were at it, we thought, why not throw in a Java and Jewelry on the road!  I'm so glad we did!  So many people came out to see my Mom and me (you all know her better as "Gam" ... the inspiration for the Gampanion and Gam's Special Bracelets) , get some delicious treats from the Breeches Cafe at Allenberry, and catch up with me and old friends  while we were there!  So much fun, and just another example of why I love my TFC Family so much!  We all had a great time visiting, and at such a special place ~  same place that Matt and I were married over 35 years ago!  Loved every minute and we decided, we'll make it a tradition ... so next time we're back in town, look for another edition of Java and Jewelry on the road!  

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