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During this Covid 19 Pandemic, we are all feeling grateful to so many people ~ nurses and doctors for taking care of our health, police officers and first responders for keeping us safe, teachers for learning alternative ways to learn while social distancing, store employees for showing up at work so that we can have access to the things we need, politicians for making tough decisions and so many countless others.  Join me by stopping by my shop at the Marketplace on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-1 to pick up your sign to take home and paint or Sharpie your message of gratitude for whoever you want to thank.  I got this idea from my jewelry mentor, Heidi Lowe, in Rehoboth Beach Delaware.  Help us cover the county (and nation) with Gratitude for those who are putting us in front of themselves.  Use the hashtag #signsofgratitude so we can see how this has spread!  Thank you for joining me and all of us!  

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