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TFC + ME Monthly Subscription Membership


(plus applicable shipping and taxes)


 * Receive a piece of beautifully handcrafted jewelry every month!

 * A great way to get exclusive Jewelry by TFC designs below retail value.

 *Packages ship the 1st of every month

 *Optional in-store pickup



We are so excited that you decided to TREAT YOURSELF to a monthly piece of exclusive TFC jewelry, only available to our Club Members!  We cannot wait for you to receive your Happy Mail!!! 


This will be a recurring charge of $47 monthly plus applicable taxes and shipping on your credit/debit card.  You will be able to cancel your membership by following the instructions below ~ but we know you won't want to :-)


"If I sign up today, When will I start receiving packages?"

1st to the 18th of the Month

 The Next Month

The 19th to the End of the Month

Not the next month, but the following month 


Still Have Questions? 

Email: info@jewelrybytfc.com

Or visit the following pages: 

Cancellation Policy



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